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On a day-to-day basis, we provide many services to your student in addition to education. One such service is our continual efforts to ensure a safe learning environment for all our students and staff members. Our dedication to safety and security is demonstrated through a variety of actions we take on a routine basis.

On a continual basis we:

  • Have restricted campus for our high schools
  • Perform unannounced security audits at school sites
  • Have unannounced drug searches at our school sites
  • Maintain SafeNet a monitored website for anonymous reporting of safety concerns
  • Participate in Safe 2 Tell program which provides anonymous reporting of safety concerns
  • Maintain a SafeBox at all secondary sites for anonymous reporting of safety concerns
  • Screen volunteers working with our students
  • Manage and maintain a security camera system to include our front doors at all elementary schools
  • Maintain an Incident Response Team to support our sites in emergency situations

On an annual basis we:

  • Review emergency plans for all APS buildings
  • Perform a security review at each APS building for safety and security
  • Participate in an emergency drill with the Aurora Fire and Police Departments
  • Coordinate a tabletop exercise with Aurora Fire and Police and other local emergency providers/responders
  • Review our Pandemic and Continuity of Operations Plan

We believe that these safe practices will help ensure the safety and security of all APS students and staff members.





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Incident Response Team, Division of Support Services